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Centaur no Nayami episode 12


Princess Principal episode 12


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One Piece episode 806


Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Next episode 51


Nikita Diakur’s ‘Ugly,’ Masaaki Yuasa’s ‘Night Is Short, Walk On Girl’ Win Grand Prizes at OIAF 2017

Clyde Peterson’s ‘Torrey Pines’ wins honorable mention for Best Animated Feature; Ayce Kartal’s ‘Wicked Girl’ wins Cartoon Network Award for Best Narrative Short Animation. Source

Heybot! episode 50


Kakegurui episode 12


Dragon Ball Super episode 108


Canada gets anime tourism commercial from Your Name creators

Last year marked the release of Your Name, one of the most successful anime films was released in Japan and worldwide, wowed audiences with stunningly beautiful animation and evoked many emotions within its viewers. Now, the creators of Your Name, renowned director Makoto Shinkai and the studio CoMix Wave, has now put their skills to work to promoting the beautiful sites of Canada.

The 31 second video seen above features a few locations of the country from: Vancouver, Toronto, Banff, Abraham Lake, Canadian Rockies, Nagara Falls. This tourism campaign is intended for the Japanese market, in cooperation with the Destination Canada, which is owned by the Canadian government. So the Canadian government and its people paid for anime to be created and that is something I don't think I would ever write or think ever in my lifetime.

This isn't the first time that Makoto Shinkai was involved in creating a commercial in his gorgeous anime style that I believe to be the progenitor to Your Name. The anime commercial was for a mail order cram school tutoring service, kinda like those "cram schools" that you see in anime where students get extra supplementary schoolwork but this one is done via the postal service.

The video is below for those interested to see just how someone like the Makoto Shinkai and his studio can make something very monotonous as schoolwork into something great with ridiculously pretty animation and music.


Via Reddit

Canada gets anime tourism commercial from Your Name creators screenshot

Kyoukai no Rinne (TV) 3rd Season episode 25


Ballroom e Youkoso episode 12


The Reflection episode 10


Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu episode 13


Hitorijime My Hero episode 12


International call for applications ANIDOX:LAB - Deadline 01.11.2017

International call for applications ANIDOX:LAB - Deadline 01.11.2017 Source

Action Heroine Cheer Fruits episode 11


Detective Conan episode 874


Monster Sonic! D'Artagnan no Idol Sengen episode 4


Monster Sonic! D'Artagnan no Idol Sengen episode 3


Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season episode 24


Vatican Kiseki Chousakan episode 12


Bonobono (2016) episode 76


Puripuri Chii-chan!! episode 24


100% Pascal-sensei episode 24


Future Card Buddyfight X episode 26


Friday, September 22, 2017

The Seven Deadly Sins 236

Rendezvous of Despair Source

Guru, Jetpack Score Renewal Deals for ‘Justin Time’

Broadcasters in Germany and Italy among the first to sign on to carry the award-winning show’s third season. Source

‘The Nut Job 2’ Sets Oct. 31 Digital Debut; Nov. 14 for Discs

Bonus features include deleted scenes and full-length commentary from the filmmakers. Source

The Promised Neverland 056

Negotiation (1) Source

Nexus Studios Signs Chromosphere

U.K.-based company will represent the L.A. creators of ‘Forms in Nature’ globally for film and interactive projects. Source

Brazil’s TV PinGuim to Open U.S. Office

Miami will serve as the base for the producer of such series as ‘Earth to Luna!,’ ‘Fishtronaut’ and ‘Ping and Pong.’ Source

Portfolio Sets Up ‘Cat in the Hat,’ ‘DOKI’ with China’s iQiYi Kids

Both series will stream dubbed into Mandarin with English subtitles. Source

Shoukoku no Altair episode 11


4-D Theatrical Experience Based on ‘The Deep’ Coming in 2018

New attraction to feature exclusive 3-D CG animation produced by Technicolor Animation.  Source

Robot x Laserbeam 026

Robo and the Frybread Source

Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul episode 23


Nobunaga no Shinobi: Ise Kanegasaki-hen episode 25


Jikan no Shihaisha episode 12


Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi episode 11


Strega's new stretch goal enters the realm of mecha

The Indiegogo campaign for Gun Caliber's sequel, Strega, is almost coming to a close in three days and Garage Hero are unleashing another stretch goal. If they rake in $70,000, the film's hero will go up against a giant spider robot that's piloted by a certain U.S. president.

With the preceding stretch goal involving a short where Strega fights North Korea's leader, I love that they gave Soma two great targets for him to shoot in the dick. At the moment, the crowdfunding campaign is at around $3,485, so it'll be interesting to see if a miracle happens before things come to a close.

As Bueno and his crew are killing it with the stuff they showcased, I'd like to wish them the best during the final countdown.

Strega's new stretch goal enters the realm of mecha screenshot


Vigilante - My Hero Academia Illegals 012

Senior Source

Made in Abyss episode 12


18if episode 12


A Trail of Blood 14

Nice to meet you Source

Cheer and Loathing in Animation: Episode XLIV - Sex She Said

Every Friday Chris Robinson unleashes improvised and hastily scribbled cheer or loathing on the animation community to be digested, swallowed or... expelled. Today: Sex through the female gaze. Source

Dr. Stone 028

Clear World Source

Musekinin Galaxy☆Tylor episode 11


Black Clover 126

The Honor Student Younger Brother vs. the Bungling Older Brother Source